Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder Review

Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder Review

Those who love fishing know the frustration of waiting for hours until the fish come biting. Some fishermen do it just as a way to relax, but if you are actually planning to catch something, then this situation might be slightly unnerving.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, then you’ve probably heard of using a fish finder. These sonars will help you locate the fish in the water – allowing you to see beneath the surface so that you don’t cast in the blind.

Deeper PRO+ fish finder.


For those looking for something portable and easy to carry around, we will review the Deeper Pro+ fish finder. One of the many versions of this series, the Pro+ combines the best of technologies so that you have a fruitful fishing experience.

About The Product

A good fish finder can make the difference between “Honey, what’s for dinner?” and “Honey, we’re having fish for dinner!” And if you’ve had to make a choice between a low-budget and a higher-budget one, it’s always worth it to pay that extra buck.

The Deeper Pro+ fish finder may not be the cheapest of the batch, but it’s definitely one of the most convenient models to have. You have a wireless range of 330 feet, which means you get more coverage than most fish finders nowadays.

You also have a GPS mode, for both on-water and onshore readings. Furthermore, every shown location can be saved on the map. As a result, every time you find a hot spot, you can save it so that you can return to it later.

This device is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. So, no matter if you are a fan of ice fishing, lake fishing, or deep-sea fishing, this device should be able to help you out.

The Pro+ also features a dual sonar frequency, which means that you can go for both down imaging and side imaging. Plus, the device can differentiate between individual fish, and it shows images at the highest quality possible.

Overall, here is a list of features that the Deeper Pro+ fish finder provides:

  • check
    Housing made from thick, waterproof plastic
  • check
    260-feet depth range
  • check
    Long battery life that lasts 5.5 hours per day and up to half a year between recharges.
  • check
    Dual sonar that works with both shallow and deep waters
  • check
    GPS and mapping system
  • check
    Wireless transmission for easier use
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    Can be connected to both Apple and Android phones, provided you have the right app.
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    Colored screen for a better image quality.

Overall, this fish finder has all the qualities of a high-tech unit while still remaining compact in size and easy to use.

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The Results

The wireless option of this device is perhaps the most convenient of them all. Since it creates its own WiFi signal, it works pretty much everywhere. Your only concern is that you will need cell phone reception since you have to monitor the results.

This unit provides accurate readings in waters that are over five feet. You will get a reading in shallow waters, but they will not be as accurate. However, the readings are very good, and you can actually differentiate between the fish.

The mapping system is highly convenient. Each time you find a hot spot, you can save it on the map so that you can return to it later on.

The battery is also fairly long lasting – especially if you don’t keep it on at all times. When turned on continuously, indeed, it can last up to almost 6 hours. However, if you turn it off between uses (for example, when you found the fish), it can last even more.

Deeper PRO+ fish finder connected to mobile phones.


The plastic is very durable and highly waterproof. Even though it sometimes ends up staying for hours in the water, it never had any problems because of it.

However, you have to clean it every now and again. If you fail to do so and leave it to dry naturally, it might get spots. This won’t affect its performance, per say, but it will affect its looks. 

What Other People Say

This fish finder is one of the most popular devices among professional fishermen, especially the ones that enjoy fishing in deeper waters. It has a strong shell, but many people also advised that you are careful when casting it.

Any electronic device is fragile, so you might want to be careful how far you cast it. If it bounces against a submerged rock, it may not shatter into pieces, but it probably won’t work again after that either.

Overall, the main opinion is that this device is perfect for beginners and professional fishermen alike. If you are familiar with smartphones, every newbie can use it – and as a professional, you will definitely appreciate its multiple settings.

What We Liked

Aside from the exceptional clarity, we also liked the fact that the battery life is highly durable. Plus, it’s also very easy to use. As long as you are familiar with operating a smartphone, everything should work smoothly.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t particularly like the fact that this unit doesn’t show really accurate readings in shallow waters. Perhaps they might want to make improvements so that you can also use it when the water is under five feet.

Buying Information

This fish finder is available on many websites; however, a more convenient option would be to purchase it from Amazon. Shipping is more expensive on other websites, especially if you buy from different states.

Furthermore, prices on Amazon are generally more convenient than in other places. Plus, for a small fee, you may get an extra protection plan that can last from three to four years.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Deeper Pro+ fish finder is a unit that we would recommend to anyone looking for something professional, yet easy to use. Granted, it’s not cheap, but it’s not overpriced either.

Man holding Deeper PRO+ fish finder.


Everything is just fair, considering the features that it brings to the table. This fish finder is versatile, compact, and the images you get are crystal clear.

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